Etienne D'Avignon

Wiscrani subversive


It takes a moment to recognize this tall, handsome man for what he is: a half-elf. Only slightly tapered ears and unusually large pupils reveal his true nature. His long, dark hair frames an expression of grim determination and he wears clothes that set him several rungs above the average Wiscrani.


Etienne is the fraternal twin of Laurent D’Avignon, and although they’ve fallen out of touch since Laurent set off for Qadira they left off on good terms. While Laurent always felt closer to their mother, Etienne looked up to his father, and thus has felt deeply isolated since his father succumbed to madness due to his obsessive devotion to expanding his knowledge of the mortal sciences past that of humanity.

Though Etienne was born in Qadira, he’s spent most of his life in Westcrown, the former capital of Cheliax. He’s constantly found himself at odds with House Thrune and the Church of Asmodeus, and word has it he was somehow involved in deposing the previous lord-mayor of Westcrown in 4709 AR.

Etienne D'Avignon

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