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  • Material Plane

    The Material Plane is the reality in which the world of [[Golarion]] finds itself, along with its sun and its 10 sister planets. It is an unending void, occasionally harboring life on terrestrial planets or other less-stable celestial bodies

  • Boneyard

    The Boneyard is a Neutral plane in which the souls of dead mortals are judged by the goddess [[Pharasma]]. It rests atop [[Pharasma's Spire]], jutting out from the [[Axis]] into the [[Astral Plane]]. Souls are deposited in the Boneyard by the [[River …

  • Astral Plane

    A silvery-grey void, this plane is the medium underlying all other planes of existence. Through it pass the souls of all dead mortals on their way to their final judgement before [[Pharasma]].