Temple of Pharasma (Ravengro)

This temple is devoted to Pharasma, the Lady of Graves. Ravengro’s only religious structure, the temple is also the town’s most elaborate building. Its eastern facade displays an intricate stained-glass mural depicting a stern Pharasma judging Count Andachi, one of Tamrivena’s most infamous previous rulers. The temple’s stores are maintained by Brother Ruckheart. However, Father Grimburrow has placed many restrictions regarding to whom the temple’s more powerful items are offered.


The temple can provide the following items to those who make the appropriate offering to Pharasma. The temple has an additonal store of magic items, but these require the permission of Father Grimburrow to access and are not listed below.

  • Holy symbol of Pharasma, wooden (1 gp each)
  • Holy symbol of Pharasma, silver (25 gp each)
  • Holy water (25 gp per flask)
  • Illuminated manuscript of The Bones Land in a Spiral (50 gp each; grants +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks regarding Pharasma and her followers, Knowledge (planes) checks regarding the Boneyard, and Spellcraft checks to identify divination spells and magic items)
  • Potions of cure light wounds (50 gp each)


The temple also offers some spellcasting to the public, though Father Grimburrow is known to refuse his personal services (those spells with CL 7) to those he deems unscrupulous.


The temple can be used to research Harrowstone, the five prisoners, or the Whispering Way. The temple grants a +4 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge checks for research. Knowledge checks can be performed untrained while using the temple as a research location, but these checks do not gain a circumstance bonus.

Temple of Pharasma (Ravengro)

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