The Unfurling Scroll

This school is run by Alendru Ghoroven. Though his primary income comes from his teaching, he also dabbles as a merchant and collector of magic items.


Of all the merchants in Ravengro, Alendru’s inventory changes most often. He has a network of contacts all over the Lake Encarthan coast and across the River Kingdoms, and they frequently circulate items of interest.


Alendru also offers a bit of his spellcasting power to those who have coin to spare.


The Unfurling Scroll can be used to research the Whispering Way. The Unfurling Scroll grants a +2 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge checks for research. Knowledge checks can be performed untrained while using the temple as a research location, but such check do not gain a circumstance bonus. Alendru charges 10 gp per day for access to his library.

The Unfurling Scroll

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