Beast of Lepidstadt

Terror of the North


This towering abomination is a grotesque patchwork of flesh and bone, beast and man, and the stitching that holds it together is so taut they look as though this creature may fly apart at any moment. Its mouth is twisted in a permanent sneer, and a shock of lank, dark hair clings to its scalp. A despondent expression lingers upon its monstrous face.


The Beast of Lepidstadt is a flesh golem from the region of Vieland in northwestern Ustalav, and as far as the residents of that region believe, a menace beyond compare.

The fear the people of Lepidstadt have for the Beast is not entirely unplaced; the creature stands over 12 feet tall, has the strength on an ogre, and is prone to uncontrollable bouts of rage. Though the danger this creature poses is undeniable, there also no doubt that some good resides within its soul. Many in the farmland surrounding Lepidstadt tell tales of the Beast saving them from wild animals or other threats.

All of this came to a head on 31 Arodus 4711, when the Beast was captured following an attack on Lepidstadt University. It was quickly decided that the Beast would be put on trial, the assumption being that it would be found guilty just as quickly and subsequently publicly executed. However, the party has been putting up an admirable defense on the Beast’s behalf, and few can now be certain of the trial’s outcome.

Beast of Lepidstadt

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