Shanda Faravan

Distant Councilwoman of Ravengro


This middle-aged woman has the air of someone who has spent time in Caliphas or some other center of power. Her clothing, though a bit out of style, looks expensive, and her gaze is strong and sustained. However, she seems never to fully face you, always a half-turn away, not willing to fully engage.


Shanda Faravan is native to Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav, and one of the four members of its ruling body, the Ravengro Council. She used to work as a royal accuser but left the royal court in disgrace after making a claim of innocence for a man later revealed to be guilty beyond all doubt. She rarely speaks of her previous life anymore, and since that time has become withdrawn and suspicious. Councilwoman Faravan lives to the north of the town, west of the river.

Shanda Faravan

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