Vashian Hearthmount

World-weary Councilman of Ravengro


This aging man wears a number of old military medals across his broad chest pinned to a stiff coat and has his greying hair slicked back in a manner unusual outside of the cities. He holds himself with a proud bearing, and though he remains respectably muscled it is obvious that his days of glory are over.


Vashian Hearthmount is one of the four members of the Ravengro Council, the ruling body of the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav, where his family has now settled in a large house just west of the river. Vashian is a retired military commander and has kept his leadership skills in good use as the most experienced of the council members; the other three members often seek his guidance and he is a lifelong friend of Councilman Gharen Muricar. Vashian tends to deal with all legal issues in Ravengro as he is the closest to a solicitor that Ravengro possesses.

Vashian Hearthmount

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