Vauran Grimburrow

Elder priest of Ravengro


This gnarled old man’s heavy brow and chapped lips betray a sorrowful nature but nonetheless a certain warmth emanates from within. He carries an intricate silver holy symbol of Pharasma and his heavy black robes and the tiny vial of holy water he wears around his left wrist marks him as one of her priests.


Father Vauran Grimburrow, a priest of Pharasma, serves his parishioners in the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav. He is responsible for the Temple of Pharasma in Ravengro, as well as the Restlands burial area, but has a dozen acolytes to actually perform this day to day work. Vauran possesses the only key to the temple vault.

Vauran Grimburrow

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