Lepidstadt is a small city on the banks of the Lesser Moutray River that serves as the de facto capital of the county of Vieland in Ustalav.

N small city
Corruption +1; Crime +1; Economy +3; Law –1; Lore +3;
Society +4
Qualities academic, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, tourist attraction
Disadvantages cursed (haunted, –4 Society)
Danger +5
Government council
Population 9,780 (9,600 humans, 80 dwarves, 50 elves, 30 gnomes, 20 others)
Notable NPCs Dean of Lepidstadt University Acciani Viacarri, Former Count Alpon Caromarc, Father Eswayne Cidaimoikis
Base Value 6,000 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 7th
Merchants Gravecharge

Founded in 3898 AR, Lepidstadt is the largest settlement in all of Vieland and effectively acts as the county’s capital since the governing council is based there. Lepidstadt is located on the banks of one of Ustalav’s voluminous rivers, west of the foothills of the enormous and near-impassible Tusk Mountains that mark the border with the Hold of Belkzen.

Lepidstadt is known across the Inner Sea region as being the home of Lepidstadt University, a renown center of learning and scientific advancement.


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